Nightjars AV Project

A new AV collaboration for the duo The Analogue Cops project, stay tuned

“Speaking about live, we know you have a very interesting audio-visual live project as Nightjars incoming. What can you tell us about that?

Lucretio: Nightjars is our live and studio project more influenced by the roots and ashes of dubstep, merged with rapid industrial techno and cinematic sequences. We are planning an audio-visual live set where the visual side will be taken care of by our friend Al Grain, which will accompany our live performances mixing shapes and colors generated by a microprocessor with an analog video synthesizer in black and white. The premiere should be this summer at a festival in Berlin, but nothing is confirmed yet and I can’t reveal more details. This is the first video that Al Grain has created for us, for the track “Atom”, which will be released on Land of Dance Records’ compilation:”

Music: Lucretio and Marieu aka The Analogue Cops
Visual: Algrain